1948 Nocona Boot Co. Catalog No. 77

I've been a fan of vintage Nocona cowboy boots for longer than I can remember. Damn good cowboy boots. First class all the way.

This 1948 Nocona Boot Co. Catalog No. 77 was printed during what the late Tyler Beard referred to as the "Golden Age of Cowboy Boots". Inspired design. Master Craftsmen. Savvy Marketing. And a lot of hard work.The Nocona Cowboy Boot in all its' glory.

Ms. Enid Justin and her "boys" at Nocona were on a roll. Catalogs were the axle on which that Nocona wheel rolled. Their catalogs were mailed out, handed out and handed down. There are some extraordinary cowboy boots on these pages.

Ms. Enid had a passion for Cowboy boots. She was an astute business woman as well. Nocona's mail order forms and self-measuring kits reflected her understanding of the market.

All "penciled in" prices on the pages of this catalog were at the hand of the original owner. The price list, order forms and a self-measuring kit associated with this catalog are posted in the archives. See: 1948 Nocona Boot Co. Mail Order Kit

1948 Nocona Boot Catalog No. 77: Collection of J. Davis
Photography: J. Davis

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  1. Great page. I was told over 30 years ago by my uncle Charlie paul,( fixed boots) that I would never go wrong with Nacona Boots. He's gone now and I still own a number of Nacona Boots. He was right, none of my boots were ever any trouble. Great fitting boots, all of them.