Mustang. The word conjures up all manner of images in my mind's eye. After reading Deanne Stillmans' book, Mustang. The Saga of The Wild Horse In The American West, those images have greater meaning for me.

Eloquent and entertaining. A series of related narratives. Finely written and rigorously researched. Ms. Stillman has given us a book much more than the sum of it's parts...


Mustangs. Broncos. Rough stock. Cowboys. Rodeos. Her narrative Rawhide: Of Cow Ponies and Bucking Broncos bought these images to mind.

. Bucking Broncs . Cowboys . Eight seconds .

Let 'er buck!

Untitled by John A. Stryker

Joe Alexander on "Pet" by James Fain

Untitled by Gary Winogrand

Great photographs by master photographers. Stryker and Winogrand have been my "subjects" before... check out the archives. Working on a post about James Fain. Stay tuned.

And buy Deanne Stillman's book. Mustang belongs on everyones' bookshelf.

Photographs: Collection J. Davis

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