1948 Nocona Boot Co. Mail Order Kit

Sent out with a catalog and tape measure, these materials completed a Nocona Boot Company Mail Order Kit.

A cowboy could order a "stock" boot. The order form was simple and easy to use. Or he could spend an extra couple of bucks and Nocona would make the boots custom for him. Either way he received a tremendous value for his dollar.

"If it is Snap, Style, Quality, Fit or Workmanship that you want in your Boots, we are ready to give you the benefit of the years of experience, thus assuring you of every particular."

The Catalog that was an integral part of this mail order kit is available for your viewing pleasure and edification. See: 1948 Nocona Boot Co. Catalog No. 77

Nocona Mail Order Kit: J. Davis
Photography: J. Davis

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