Vintage Justin Cowgirl Boots

Post World War II was an extraordinary time in bootmaking history. Leather and thread no longer rationed. Inlays and exotic hides started to show up in factory made boots. Flamboyant designs quickly replaced older, conservative designs. Hollywood stars. Western style. Savvy marketing. The Golden Age of Cowboy Boots was in full swing.


The Justin Boot Company in Fort Worth, Texas made some extraordinary cowboy and cowgirl boots in those days. Earl and John Justin, Jr. were proud of Justin's innovative designs.
Justifiably so. Elaborate inlays. Bright colors. Fancy stitching. Underslung heels. Wing tips. Justin made some stunning cowboy and cowgirl boots.

The Little Cowpoke

1948 Justin Cowgirl Boots

The Art of the Boot
Western fashion as art by the Justin Boot Company

Justin Cowgirl Boots: Collection J. Davis
Justin Advertising Art: Collection J. Davis
Photography: J. Davis