Texas Cowgirls' Boots

The fella I got these from told me they belonged to a Brady, Texas cowgirl and that they were made for her by Elmer Tomlinson.

Well, they may have belonged to a Brady cowgirl. But they weren't made by Mr. Tomlinson. Tex Robin saw this post and got in touch with me about them.

Turns out that Elmer Tomlinson learned much about what he knew about boot making from Tex's father, W.L. Robin. Tex knew Elmer and knows his work. He tells me these Cowgirl boots were definitely not made by Mr. Tomlinson.

And if you don't know who Tex Robin is, well, you should. He's one of the best boot makers around. And a darn good musician to boot! Follow the link and see for yourself.

This is a great pair of Cowgirl boots nonetheless... The stitching drives me backwards. They rock.

. Single-needle stitching . One row at a time .

. Perfect Proportion .

. Perfect Balance .

. Great Cowgirl boots . Unmarked . Maker unknown .

My hat's off to you Tex,
Thanks for helping me keep the record straight.

Texas Cowgirls' Boots: Collection J. Davis
Photography: J. Davis