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1948 G.C. Blucher Boot Co. Catalog No. 30

The Blucher Boot Company website is no longer published. A friend and fellow collector asked me if they’re still making Cowboy boots. I talked to Smitty a couple of weeks ago and yes, they’re still doing what they do best. Making the finest Cowboys boots one pair at a time.

Smitty’s not much on computers, email or the web. “Show me a computer that can make a pair of boots. Maybe then.” I don’t think renewing the Blucher website is at the top of his list. I doubt it’s even on the list.

Understandably so. Blucher is a small shop. They make Blucher Cowboy Boots. Favored by cowboys from the Great Basin, Smitty and crew continue to make the same cowboy boots Gus Blucher made famous many years ago. Smitty understands and has a deep respect for the tradition and history of the “brand.”

Here’s some boots in the G.C. Blucher Boot Co. Catalog No. 30. The catalog was included in a Self-Measuring Kit mailed in 1948. I'm in the process of digitizing the entire kit and catalog. I'll post it when it's complete.

"Tested and Proven by Stirrup, Weather and Time."

Blucher Boot Company still makes these styles...

and all the other styles in this catalog.

"Shop Made Expressly For You!"

Interested in a pair of Blucher Cowboy boots? Classic Traditional Cowboy Boots. They're the Best. Talk to Smitty. He’s a helluva nice guy. He'll "boot you up" right.

G.C. Blucher Boot Co. Catalog 30: Collection: J. Davis


  1. I met Smitty a few years ago and ordered a pair of Blucher's. A fine and fun to be with guy. A great pair of boots too.


  2. Some of the best damn boots still made today. Just talked to Smitty and have a new pair getting made ad we speak. Hats off to great folk and great boots.

  3. Got my first pair of Blucher's from the shop in the early 80's when they were being made in Fairfax, OK. Smitty's boots are much better made. I have known and followed Smitty through three moves of the shop. The fit and craftmanship can't be beat. I feel so strongly that I have bought a pair for every member of my family! That's commitment. I've got a pair on order right now.