Dixon's Boots

Andy and Noble Dixon learned the craft of bootmaking from their father Henry J. Dixon, a preacher and part-time bootmaker. In 1946 the two brothers set up shop in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The Dixon brothers started off making baby and children's shoes. West-Tex Boot Company was across the street from their shop. Andy bought the West-Tex scrap to make “kiddie” shoes... premium hides were reserved for their Cowboy boots.

Andy was the “front man” and fitter. Noble was the bottom man. Both took pride in what they made. They soon established themselves as quality bootmakers of classic Cowboy boots.
With over thirty different kinds of leather in stock, Andy and Noble created some very fancy Cowboy boots. Their “Hollywood” toe was the best pointed toe ever. Still is as far as I’m concerned.

Many top bootmakers practiced their craft and earned their rep at Dixon’s. James Edward Smith, aka Smitty, and Jay Griffith are two that come to mind.

Here’s a pair that were made when Smitty and Jay Griffith worked for Noble. Andy had retired and Jay was pretty much running the business. Noble sold the business in the late 60s. Jay moved on to Guthrie, Oklahoma and set-up shop. Smitty moved on and runs Blucher Boot Company these days.

Dixon’s Boot Company clients included Gene Autry, Ernest Tubb, John Wayne, Jack Dempsey, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Sr., Cowboys, businessmen and a host of other Nashville and Hollywood celebrities.

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Photography: J. Davis

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