"Stitching That Can Kick You Sideways"

Circa 1930s Cowgirl Boots made by Charlie Garrison at the Texas Boot Shop in San Angelo, Texas.

Charlie Garrison was a master bootmaker. This pair of Cowgirl boots is a single-needle stitching tour de force. Loved by a long forgotten Cowgirl, well worn and well cared for, these boots are an exceptional example of Garrison’s understanding and mastery of the Art of the Boot.

This vamp tongue is Charlie’s “signature”.

To find out more about Charlie Garrison, his life and his times check out my November 11, 2007 post, Charlie Garrison, Roy Rogers' Boot Maker.

Boots: Collection of C. Fant / Photography: J. Davis


  1. Oh, I love those red and green...

    I'm from Spain and here is pretty difficult to find those beautiful vintage boots. Nice blog!

  2. Wow. I have a small collection of Vintage Boots. These boots are so well decorated! I just wish I could sit down with them and hear the stories they could tell!