M.L. Leddy

Much has been written in the name of M.L. Leddy. I'm pretty certain that the words I put down here are near superfluous. But here goes...

Frank Leddy advertising art, 1947

For those who don't know, M.L. Leddy's makes the finest custom cowboy boots you can buy. Handmade. West Texas style. Bad ass. And beautiful.
As cowboy boots should be.

M.L. Leddy and his five brothers started making cowboy boots in 1922. Beverly Franklin Allen, Leddy's granddaughter, and her brother, Wilson Franklin, continue that tradition today in San Angelo, Texas.

I've owned quite a few pairs of Leddy cowboy and cowgirl boots over the years. Still have regrets of having to sell a couple of pairs. Hard times. But I'm glad to have held on to the pairs that I still have. Wear 'em too. Damn good cowboy boots.


M.L. Leddy & Sons advertising art, 1979


Wilson Leddy, one of M.L.'s brothers, made these incredible cowgirl boots for Juanita Gray. Equestrian Artist. Rodeo Queen. Horsewoman. Cowgirl. Her boots speak her voice even today.


M.L Leddy & Sons advertising art, 1979


My favorite M.L. Leddy's boots. Going on forty. Still kick ass. These will tell you more about West Texas Style than you may care to know. Can't help but "walk like I mean it" when I pull these on.... and they hold a stirrup!


Monte Foreman illustration used in 1947 Frank Leddy Boot and Saddlery Catalog

Frank Leddy Boot and Saddlery in Ft. Worth made these boots in 1947. Notice the boot pulls set behind the side seams? Mr. Leddy called them "dog ears". A good idea... the set back pulls make it easier to get the boots on, but I think his "straddle ears" made for a better looking boot. One thing for certain though, dog ear, straddle ear or mule ear pulls a cowboy couldn't go wrong buying Leddy cowboy boots. That's still true today.


M.L. Leddys logo, 2008


These are a couple of years new. From M.L. Leddy's Vaquero line of cowboy and cowgirl boots. Still a challenge to get on and off. Boot pulls and bootjack required. Fit like a glove. Excellent finish. High quality cowboy boots. And reasonable. You can pay more for other makers "stock" cowboy boots, but you can't get any better.

These bad boy M.L. Leddy's Vaquero boots come with a story too. I'll get to that another time.


Juanita Gray's M.L. Leddy's boots. Former Collection: J. Davis
M.L. Leddy's cowboy boots. Collection: J. Davis
Frank Leddy cowboy boots. Collection: J. Davis
Advertising & Catalog Art. Collection: J.Davis
All photography: J. Davis

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