Vintage Nocona Cowgirl Boots

Miss Enid Justin and the boot makers at Nocona worked hard to make a Western boot that deserved to be called "The Better Boot". They did a darn good job of it too.

The Nocona Boot Co. Catalog No. 77 offered many styles of Cowboy boots from Nocona's Golden Age. I've started to digitize the catalog and will publish it when I've finished.
Speaking of catalogs... I've finished digitizing the 1948 Blucher Boot Catalog. I'll publish it here in the next week or two.

These are "stock" Nocona Cowgirl boots from the 30s. They belonged to a San Angelo cowgirl and are as fine a pair of boots as any "factory" Cowgirl boots I've ever seen...

1940s Nocona Cowgirl Boots. Custom order. High style from Nocona's "Golden Age". Beautiful boots that speak to me of different times.

By the way, the Blucher Boot Co. web site is back up and running. Check it out.

Photography: J. Davis


  1. Those 1940s Nocona Cowgirl Boots are gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pic and site.


  2. I love, love, love old boots. The red ones are to die for! Only if they made like that these day's. I'm 41 and I have a love affair for old western anything vintage anything.! Love your site!


  3. Yup those boots stopped me in my tracks, Iam swooning..

  4. Hi, anyone out there know anything about charlie Garrison Llano boots? I have one. Just trying to find info. These are beautiful!