Tyler Beard


1954 - 2007

. Author .
. Western Historian .

. Cowboy Boot Collector .

Photo: Skip Conkling


  1. Tyler Beard has passed?!? I'm shocked and saddened. When/how did this happen? He was a young man. I feel I knew him...have all his books. Heck, I was just thumbing through the Cowboy Boot book last night. I can't fnd any news on his passing online. Do you know what happened, James? (P.S. Love your blog. Feel bad my first comment here is about such a sad occurance.)

  2. Tyler Beard died in Dallas, Texas Wednesday night of complications from his longtime battle with cancer. He was 53 years young and will be missed.

  3. It was my absolute pleasure meeting Tyler in my dental office in downtown Dallas. As a boot guy myself, I quickly addressed the extraordinarily beautiful boots he was wearing that first appointment, and at each subsequent appointment. When he mentioned some boots reference materials and books on the subject, I was interested and had it on my to-do list to acquire some of these. To my delight, he brought me 3 of these books as a gift, and it was only later that I realized that he was the author. I am saddened by the premature passing of this fine gentleman, but so much richer for the opportunity of knowing someone with such a passion on the subject of boots and western life. Thank you Tyler for your graciousness and generosity!