Paul Bond, Master Bootmaker

A legendary man. Paul Bond made his first pair of Cowboy boots in 1929 when he was working as a cowboy on his father’s ranch in Carlsbad, New Mexico. He started busting broncs for the U.S. Cavalry at the age of sixteen and moved on to rodeo. Mr. Bond excelled at Bareback Bronc and Trick Riding. He scored high. Very high.

In 1946 he had an opportunity to buy into an El Paso, Texas boot company. Mr. Bond did so and soon opened his own shop back in Carlsbad where he made boots for Great Basin cowboys and cowgirls. In 1957 he moved the shop to Nogales, Arizona.

Celebrities who wear Paul Bond boots include Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Monty Montgomery and Barbara Mandrell. That’s all well and good but Mr. Bond is quick to point out that his "first love is making boots for ranchers and cowboys. Not much has really changed out here. Ranchers and cowboys love cattle and the country life. It's simple and satisfying. I make a lot of boots for those folks."

Here’s a pair of my Paul Bond boots... Bob McLean worked with me on these. Took about nine months to get them. Bob called them the Yellow Tops. I call them perfect. The toe style is based on a pair of 1940s Teitzel-Jones Cowboy boots in my collection.

The Paul Bond Boot Company is still in Nogales. Bob has moved on to the J.B. Hill Boot Company in El Paso. Spider has returned as Mr. Bonds' right hand man. He and a talented team of boot makers, carry on the Bond tradition of making the finest Cowboy boots you can buy. By hand. One step at a time.

Mr. Bond will be 92 this December. He’s in the shop nearly every day. Things are as they should be.

I have two pairs of vintage Paul Bond Cowgirl Boots available for purchase on my website. Check them out if you’re so inclined.

Paul Bond photo: Bob Trebearne
Photography: J. Davis


  1. I was a working cowboy when I was young, putting winter shoes on a horse when he blew up, kicked me and broke my arm. Had the winter of 1969 off then, being paid 2/3 of my normal wages gave me $65 a month to hell around with. Ended up in Nogales, and bought a pair of Paul Bond boots.

    Best buy I ever made. Still ride in them.

  2. I have not had the opportunity to purchase boots at Paul Bond Boots.
    My brother Bob McLean worked there
    He is now with a great company I am told, J.B. Hill in El Paso Texas.
    Bob is very talented
    Well I am his sister so to me he IS talented and to be able to make these boots

  3. Bob worked with me on this pair. He is a great guy and I enjoyed working with him.