Kirkendall Cowboy Boots

Three things I know about Kirkendall Boot Co. Their shop was in Omaha, Nebraska. They made a darn good pair of Cowboy boots and Nebraska cowboys wore Kirkendall cowboy boots.

Cowboys at the Spade Ranch

Northeast of Ellsworth, Nebraska ca. 1903

I've owned several pairs of Kirkendall Cowboy boots. All have strong lines and are well proportioned. The undershot heels taper perfectly, they were made to hold a stirrup. The "tongues" are big and wide, designed for wearing spurs.

Early 1940s Challenger Pee Wee Cowboy Boots

Kirkendall's "stock boot" was the Challenger. Good looking and well made. Nothing fancy. Utilitarian Cowboy boots comparable to any stock boot made by Hyer or Justin. Service grade shoulder leather. Bold inlays. Simple stitch patterns. Square toes. Double thick soles and Kirkendall heels. The Challenger was the Nebraska cowboys' working boot.

1930s Diamond K Cowboy Boots

Kirkendall made custom boots for cowboys too. Alternately referred to as "Diamond K" or "Bench Made", these boots were hand made and are top quality Cowboy boots. Beautifully hand-crafted using premium grade hides. Classic 1930s inlay patterns and hand stitched. Perfectly tapered undershot heels. Masterfully crafted toes.

1930s Bench Made Cowboy Boots

Kirkendall created the ultimate "Nebraska" Cowboy boot. Appreciated and loved by hard-working cowboys who wanted the best.

Photography: J. Davis
Nebraska Cowboy Line Photo: Collection J. Davis
1930s Diamond K Cowboy Boots: Collection B. Cowan


  1. I just came across a hand made box, like a keepsake chest someone made from wood kirkendall board that have the kirkendall custom made boots advertising on it. I googled the name and came up with this site, very cool.

  2. I have my great grandmother's Kirkendall "Gladiator" boots. They are beautiful. If only we wore the same size shoe.