Andy and Noble Dixon

Andy and Noble Dixon started Dixon's Boots in 1889. Their first shop was in Ardmore, Oklahoma. In 1946, the brothers moved the business to Wichita Falls, Texas.

Extraordinary pair of peewee Cowgirl boots. Made in the 1950's by Dixon's Boots in Witchita Falls, Texas. A pair of the finest vintage Cowgirl Boots I've ever owned. Perfect proportion and balance. Masterful execution. Artistry defined.

Art of the Boot. Cowboy Boot as Art.

Dixon's Boots, under the supervision of Andy and Noble, made some of the finest and most striking Cowboy and Cowgirl Boots around.

Cowboys bought them... Dixon's boots would hold a stirrup.

Movie stars bought them... this is Dixon's "Hollywood" toe.

Hank Williams bought them... because Dixon's Boots kick ass.

Andy and Noble retired and sold the business in the 60s. The new owners changed the name to Dixons... no apostrophe, no Boots. Service and quality soon declined and they closed up shop in the early 1980s.
These Dixon's Boots were offered for sale on my website. A true Cowgirl Boot nut bought them. They are the centerpiece of her very strong collection of vintage Cowgirl Boots..

Boots: Collection of C. Fant / Photography: J. Davis

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  1. Thanks for those close-up photos. I love seeing the color combinations used in the stitches...man, those stitched vamps are great. Nothing beats some sharp stitching on a pointy toe boot.