Cowboy Boots: The Missing Index

Cowboy Boots by Tyler Beard is a book I refer to frequently. The photography by Jim Arndt is outstanding. Excellent... that's one word that comes to mind. Inclusive is the other. If you're reading this post Cowboy Boots should be on your book shelf. It is a standard reference on cowboy boots and the men and women who make them.

Boot Nut Extraordiniare Jennifer June referred to Cowboy Boots frequently while she was writing her cowboy boot book. There's a lot of information in Beard's book. June organized all that information and came up with The Missing Index Version 1.0. Her first eBook, it is an ideal companion to Cowboy Boots.

At $3.99 Jenn's eBook is a bargin. Help keep the flame alive and do yourself a favor, buy The Missing Index. Your purchase will support the work of The Cowboy Boot Web Page... and help you wrap your mind around the art of the boot.

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  1. Wonderful web site. I love vintage cowboy boots. I just bought a pair of older Justin boots at a garage sale today. They're in need of some TLC and they're a size too big, but I got them anyway! Thanks for putting up such fun, interesting information.