1930s Acme Cowgirl Boots

An excellent pair of PeeWee cowgirl boots from the mid to late 1930s. Made in the day when Jessel Cohen and Acme made an outstanding Cowboy boot. Beautifully proportioned and very well made, these boots are a great example of the high quality boot Acme Boot Company produced back then. Boots like these, along with some savvy marketing, made Acmes’ "rep". By the early 40s, Acme was the largest manufacturer of Cowboy and Cowgirl boots. It remained the largest manufacturer of Western boots style until the 1980s.

Acme remained the largest manufacturer of Western boots until the 1980s.

World War II created a dilemma for Cowboy boot makers. The finest hides were destined to become boots for our troops. The shortage of high quality hides forced Acme and other boot makers to work with lesser quality hides and incorporate “new” materials like cardboard and metal nails into their manufacturing process.

Some did it well. Some not so well. And some chose not to do it all.

Photography: J. Davis

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